39€ Your Bed and breakfast (bnb) Dourdan, Etampes, (south of Paris) , A10, A11 motorway, on your way to south of France

Hi there, dear Guests, "summer time" is a sweet international song that we love in Music'home ! We use to sing it on stage but with our guests as well.
Located only 45' from Paris, but also half-way between North Europe (Belgique, Holland) and south of France, it's a strategic place to rest.

The typical stone rural house fully renovated has a great property : it's naturally  air conditionned, especially the bedroom we propose  which is temperated by the cave located immediatly under the bedroom....
Wine ? probably ....  ;-) (but the door is hard to find !!!!)

The space is independant, modern, with a 15m² bedroom for 2 guests, and a large bathroom (with balnéo and large shower). If you are 3 or more, we can prepare other beds (3 extra guests max)

You will find here calm, a large garden with flowers (we use to eat some of them !), and large smiles :)

details : http://chambre-d-hote-essonne.blogspot.fr/p/le-studio.html

Special offers/services (food ay, lunch, balnéo...) http://chambre-d-hote-essonne.blogspot.fr/p/le-studio.html

Our vegan flower salads : http://chambre-d-hote-essonne.blogspot.fr/2016/07/des-salades-fleurs-en-folie-special-ete.html

contact usfor booking and availabylity http://chambre-d-hote-essonne.blogspot.fr/p/nous-contacter.html

How to come :http://chambre-d-hote-essonne.blogspot.fr/p/acces.html


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